Hidden from the busyness of Houston’s hustle and bustle is a beautiful golf community waiting for you!

Quail Valley residents walk quiet streets lined with mature trees, enjoying scenic views of the course, while only being a few breaths away from downtown Houston.

Heavy/Bulk Trash and Recycle Trash

If you drive around you will notice that apparently with people staying at home and trying to find things to do, they are cleaning out their garage, storage sheds, closets, and everything else. The amount of this on the curb for WCA to pick up in one day is putting a huge burden on them. They are making as many trips to the dump as they can in a day. So, if they miss picking yours up, they will try to come back the next day. Remember what the guidelines are for heavy/bulk trash. If you do not have that list, call the HOA and have them send it to you and please adhere to it. In some other cities, recycle and heavy trash has actually been discontinued for the time being. Drivers are becoming sick from Covid-19 as well and this has limited the number of drivers available. Automated pickup (the blue containers) does not require the driver to physically pick up the bulk. Just be prepared for this to possibly happen in your neighborhood and be understanding.

Who Exactly Are We?

Quail Valley Fund is committed to providing our homeowners with an enjoyable, safe, and endearing community.

Our homes feature a variety of architectural diversity and imagination that reflects the uniqueness of our residents.

Everyone in our community works hand in hand with City Officials to promote positive growth, security, and stability within Quail Valley. Because of our combined efforts, our community and neighboring city, Missouri City, has been listed as one of the top 50 safest cities in The United States by Congressional Quarterly and is featured as one of the 100 Best Places to live in America by Money Magazine.

Quail Valley Fund Office

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“When you walk down the street here, everyone will wave at you!”

“We’re invested in our community!”

“You can’t get a house on the course in Houston for what we pay here!”