Uncategorizedhouse of Alton and Wanda Powell

Quail Valley Garden Club congratulates and announces this year’s Holiday Light Winners: Chris and Mia Crochet at 3146 Robinson Road, Jim and Kathleen Bryant at 2707 Glenn Lakes Lane, and Alton and Wanda Powell at 2911 Lakeview Drive. All three families were awarded $50 Lowe’s gift cards from Quail Valley Garden Club and the club’s snowman yard sign to display for the holidays.

Many on Robinson Road are outstanding, some of which were winners in the last five years. Also, 3123 Millbrook Lane, a 2015 winner, is especially eye-catching, so be sure to check it out it if you haven’t.

This marks the 43rd year that the Quail Valley Garden Club has judged Holiday Lighting. For more information, visit our website at QuailValleyGardenClub.org

Chris and Mia Crochet
house of Chris and Mia Crochet
Jim and Kathleen Bryant
house of Jim and Kathleen Bryant
Alton and Wanda Powell
house of Alton and Wanda Powell