Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is comprised of 5 residents that insure any visible changes made to homes in the neighborhood are harmonious, structurally sound and meet code requirements.


Projects that require ACC approval are any external alteration to the property (e.g. roof, painting, windows, fence, patio, play structures, landscaping, outdoor kitchen, and driveway).

Residents need to submit the following items to and receive approval before starting any project:

  • Complete the Exterior Modification Request
  • Include exterior picture of home
  • Site plan/survey for all external alterations
  • Paint samples must be included

The ACC meets several times a month to review applications and they have 30 days to reply to all applications.

The committee will contact residents with a letter of approval or denial by mail. All appeals must be in writing and will be presented to the Quail Valley Board at the next scheduled meeting.

If you are uncertain if a project requires approval, please call the Quail Valley Fund office at 281-499-8371.